Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am an e-vegan.

Living in smalltown Michigan (100+ miles to the nearest Trader Joes or Whole Foods, Yikes!), I have to rely on the internet for many of my vegan needs. Some of my favorites:


Vegan Essentials stocks great pantry items:

Veggie Brothers is the BEST for mock meats:

Gobble Green is pricy, but a la carte options offer a great selection of microwavable meals:

Shoes and Bags

Susan Nichole has really luxe cruelty-free handbags that are grown-up enough to take to work:

Pansy Maiden has cute eco weekend options:

Alternative Outfitters offers great shoes and bags at inexpensive prices:

MooShoes has several stylish shoe and handbag options:

Any personal favorite sites for vegan shopping online?


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  1. hey, just new to your blog,
    here is a site i like for shoes