Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am really tired of all of these veg-elitists.

I was reading a twitter post today, and it made me really sad. Someone was trying to eliminate eggs/dairy from his diet, while continuing to eat fish. Rather than being commended for making this switch, one that would undeniably change his health and the health of the planet for the better, he was chastized for trying to consider himself a vegetarian. That he would even think to associate himself with the term was so offensive that we had to post and make sure he knew it. Really, guys?

I get it that veganism and vegetarianism are a commitment to do everything in our power to reduce the suffering of animals and the planet. And yes, many people lack the information they need to make the same choices we do. But why do we choose to alienate those people who share our views, all be them less commited than we? Are these really the pepole we should be spending our time attacking? Shouldn't we be spending our time more productively, attacking the system that has created such cruelty?

Since I began this journey, I have communicated with many compassionate, understanding vegans who accept that everyone adjusts to this choice differently. Unfortunately, for every one of them I find, I find several more who are only interested in demonstrating how much more commited they are than everyone else. And I know from personal experience, that's not the way to "convert" people.

I believe everyone who is willing to sacrifice to make a difference should be commended, and I wish more people could see the good that can do.



  1. I totally agree. Very well said.

  2. Totally agree! I've even heard that vegetarians are no better than meat eaters. Um, excuse me? Simply cutting meat out your diet reduces the carbon footprint. If I raised my own chickens and cows, and ate their eggs and drank their milk, I wonder what the argument would be then?

  3. Thanks, guys. It is reassuring to hear that I am not the only one with this sentiment!

  4. People seem to like to piss on each other. Perhaps we as a species could be more supportive of each other. Especially to people that share the same outlook on animal welfare issues. Everyone struggles at some point in their journey. I guess it is just easier for many people to act self righteous and be jerks. I see it all the time, just saw it today on the 6/24 post of the "Powered by Produce" blog. The author was describing her anniversary of being meat free and what she has encountered along the way, but someone had to play "devils advocate" and stick it to the author about her eating dairy still.